Alternate Ceremony Ideas: Rose Ceremony

Here’s another idea for your ceremony if you’re looking to deviate from the standard sand or candle ceremony.

My good friend got married in June of this year, and she asked my husband and I to be a part of their rose ceremony.  Despite the name resembling the Bachelor’s “Rose Ceremony,” it is a super cute idea!

What is a Rose Ceremony?

My friend and her fiance asked different couples among their friends and family who are at different stages of their marriage to be part of their wedding: from the newly newly weds, to those that have been married for a couple years (that was Jeff and I!), to the champions that have been married for decades.  During the ceremony, they had the groom’s sister individually ask each couple to come up, take a rose, and place it in the vase.  While the couple was approaching the altar area, the groom’s sister announced the couple’s name, and how long they had been married.  They started with the couples who have been together the shortest period of time, and ended with a couple who had been married 30+ years.

Once everyone had put in their rose, the bride and groom put in their own rose, and the groom’s sister announced that the vase represented “X amount of years of marriage.”  “X” being the addition of all the years of marriage that were contributed to the vase.

I thought this was a great creative idea, and such a nice way to incorporate so many different people into their ceremony.  I loved the idea of showing people at different stages of marriage, and ending with a marriage that is a testament to true love.  Thank you to Katie and J for allowing me to share their creative ceremony idea 🙂

Picture courtesy of Nicholas at Candid Exposures

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