Recommended Vendors

Working more and more weddings, and meeting more and more people, I realize how important it is to share information about other people that do great work on weddings.  My hope is that if you are still looking for other vendors for something specific for your wedding, this little page will help you out so you can check another thing off your list!

Photography by Jeff Armstrong

I’ve already given the disclaimer that I’m an interested party in this recommendation, since Jeff Armstrong happens to be my husband 🙂  HOWEVER, I think a truly unbiased party would completely agree with me in that he does a terrific job.  What I love about him (as a photographer, there are obviously many reasons why I love him in general!) is that he cares more about the product that he is giving to his clients, then the financial benefit he gets from actually taking them: he truly wants the couples he works for to be happy with the pictures he takes.

You can check out some of his photos here, and below are some of his more recent photos:

Contact information:

Jeff Armstrong


Day of Coordinator or Partial Day of Coordinator

I wear many hats! I love organizing things, keeping tidy spreadsheets, and both of these things come in very handy for wedding coordination. I’ve had the fortune of officiating and coordinating several weddings, so it CAN be done! I’m also happy to help with minor set up if you just need an extra pair of hands to set out minor decorations to take the weight off of family or friends that are helping out.

Taco Bar by Viveros Catering

What could be easier and more unique than having a taco bar at your wedding?  I mean, everyone loves tacos, right?!  Viveros Catering is a family-owned and run business, and I’m fortunate enough to know Miguel Viveros since my first days of law school.  They provide an incredible service, and very reasonable rates!  You can check out their Facebook page here, or contact them at (714)488-2171 or email

La Ventura Event Center

Jeff and I love this venue. It’s beautiful and so many great spots for photos!


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