Table Assignments: Getting Creative!

Our good friends Erika and Julian got married last year, and had so many beautiful little details!  Here’s my favorite: They got married in a little plaza from an old hotel in downtown Fullerton, so they decided to have keys for each guest.  Get it?  Like a key to a room in the hotel!  Everything was handmade, minus the keys, obviously.  From what Erika told me, they spent a lot of time and effort in making the box look as beautiful as it does.

They bought the keys at random antique stores, and I was lucky enough to be able to pick my own…which I still have.

The actual tags where made by bending them up a bit, letting them soak in the sun with black tea, and then using an old school typewriter to type the name and table designation.

Since both the bride and groom are from the same area in Argentina, they used street names from that area as their table names.  I love the idea of using something other than numbers for the table designation.  It can be a little tricky and difficult to figure out that special something that you can find 10-15  variations of to name each table after…and still be within a certain “theme,” but your guests will really enjoy the uniqueness of it 🙂


Corona Wedding by Melissa Munding Photography | Style Me Pretty


via Corona Wedding by Melissa Munding Photography | Style Me Pretty.

This is the wedding of a good friend’s sister, and I absolutely fell in love with it.  I remember Jen telling me about all the work they were putting into this wedding: everything, absolutely everything, was done by the bride, groom, their families, friends, and church members.  I’d say all the hard work definitely paid off!