Updates from the Merry Ministers!

And we’re off to a good start!  Since getting our website up and running, we’ve booked 6 different weddings!

I had one ceremony last month which was a complete pleasure to work.  The couple was enthusiastic about making the ceremony unique to what they wanted, and they wanted the ceremony to be in Spanish to accomodate some family members who were only Spanish-speaking.  They decided they wanted to keep it pretty short, so there was no commemorative ceremony, but they did ask two friends to read a couple pieces they had each picked out.  This couple was so excited to be doing a ceremony their way, rather than how parents or family members might prefer, and their love was truly infectious.  I actually got teary eyed when the mother handed the bride to the groom — who knew you could get emotional about people you had just met?!  The most unique feature about this couple: the groom took the bride’s name!  You don’t see that happen too often 🙂

This month, Brooke has a ceremony on the beach near Malibu, and I have ceremonies in Riverside and Manhattan Beach.  All of these couples have been an absolute pleasure to work with in crafting their ceremonies, and we can’t wait to be a part of their special day!


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