Ceremony Idea for the Foodies

Some couples love exploring and enjoying new foods together.  Why not incorporate that into their wedding ceremony?!

My idea is incorporating a recipe book/box into the ceremony.  I know this is sometimes done at bridal showers, but if it’s a passion for both the bride and groom, why not incorporate it into their whole wedding? 🙂

During the ceremony, the couple can start off their book or box by writing their own favorite recipe, or maybe their favorite ingredients for guests to get inspiration from, and throughout the reception, guests can add their own favorite recipes.

A different take on it would be for guests to suggest their favorite foodie restaurants around the state/country/world.  How great would it be for the couple to be able to explore these restaurants throughout their marriage?!


Ceremony Idea for the Travel Enthusiasts

I’ve had a few couples that really love to travel, and love incorporating this idea into their ceremony.

The idea I’ve had a couple different couples is to have a map on an easel, either of a certain place (i.e., place where they got engaged/married/live), or the country, or the world.  The map can have markers on it already of places they have been to already as a couple, and during the ceremony they can add markers to places they want to go.  The markers of where they have already been would be in one color, and the ones for the places they want to go still would be in a different color.

Or, they can just add a marker to the place where they are currently getting married, and tell guests that as they go places, they will add their markers to their map.

The actual map can be of so many different materials: metal/magnetic with special magnets for markers, cork and push pins, wood and maybe using  permanent markers or pre-made vinyl markers.  You get it: the possibilities are endless!

Ceremony Ideas for the Outdoorsy-Type

I am currently working on a wedding for a couple that is very active and loves to go on hikes, and I was brainstorming ways to incorporate that into their wedding since they did not have any commemorative portion planned for their ceremony.  Here are a few things I came up with:

  • Plant a bamboo plant with rocks collected from different hiking trails you’ve been on together
  • Plant something else with dirt that you’ve collected on different hikes (can have the dirt in mason jars with trail names)
  • Have a map of Mammoth (where groom proposed)/California/United States and mark trails on there with string or hears or some kind of marker-either that you’ve been on or would like to go on; or map of Mammoth and mark the spot where the proposal happened
  • Kind of cheesy, but maybe instead of a wine box you have a “hikers backpack” that you pack during the ceremony with stuff you’ll need for your next hike–you can include a Polaroid of everyone at the ceremony, maybe a bottle of your favorite alcohol/wine and you can take a shot before you put it in your backpack, or items that you can explain why they’re important to you/him each other (can be cheesy or romantic).

The bride loved the bamboo idea, and since they are Chinese there is extra significance to this.  I’m excited to see this come to life at their wedding at Serra Plaza at the end of October.


Alternate Ceremony Ideas: Rose Ceremony

Here’s another idea for your ceremony if you’re looking to deviate from the standard sand or candle ceremony.

My good friend got married in June of this year, and she asked my husband and I to be a part of their rose ceremony.  Despite the name resembling the Bachelor’s “Rose Ceremony,” it is a super cute idea!

What is a Rose Ceremony?

My friend and her fiance asked different couples among their friends and family who are at different stages of their marriage to be part of their wedding: from the newly newly weds, to those that have been married for a couple years (that was Jeff and I!), to the champions that have been married for decades.  During the ceremony, they had the groom’s sister individually ask each couple to come up, take a rose, and place it in the vase.  While the couple was approaching the altar area, the groom’s sister announced the couple’s name, and how long they had been married.  They started with the couples who have been together the shortest period of time, and ended with a couple who had been married 30+ years.

Once everyone had put in their rose, the bride and groom put in their own rose, and the groom’s sister announced that the vase represented “X amount of years of marriage.”  “X” being the addition of all the years of marriage that were contributed to the vase.

I thought this was a great creative idea, and such a nice way to incorporate so many different people into their ceremony.  I loved the idea of showing people at different stages of marriage, and ending with a marriage that is a testament to true love.  Thank you to Katie and J for allowing me to share their creative ceremony idea 🙂

Picture courtesy of Nicholas at Candid Exposures