Adventures in Wedding Planning: Sparklers for your wedding

Sparklers for your wedding

New Years was a week or so ago, but don’t put away those sparklers just yet!

There is a use for them besides just celebrating the arrival of the new year! Incorporating sparklers into weddings is something we just love!

And they make for some seriously fun pictures!

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A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I’ve been bookmarking cool things I’ve seen on the internet for a while, but it would take forever to share them individually with all of you, so instead, I’m just going to dump them all on one blog post 🙂  Hopefully this will become a regular occurrence, with what I find to be the best or most interesting wedding stuff in the blogosphere (obviously, this is subjective, but if you find something YOU like, please feel free to share as well!).

Very cool cookie table

Cakes, teacups & boots!

Sweet grand-double-door aisle entrance!

Cool DIY streamer background for photo ops

Postcards and suitcases

Everyone should have a little moustache action at their wedding!

You think you fancy?

Simple, but awesome bouquet wraps

Super cute invites, plus face painting and picnic blankets!

Beautiful picturesDo you have any favorite ideas, pictures, wedding blogs?  Feel free to share!








Updates from the Merry Ministers!

And we’re off to a good start!  Since getting our website up and running, we’ve booked 6 different weddings!

I had one ceremony last month which was a complete pleasure to work.  The couple was enthusiastic about making the ceremony unique to what they wanted, and they wanted the ceremony to be in Spanish to accomodate some family members who were only Spanish-speaking.  They decided they wanted to keep it pretty short, so there was no commemorative ceremony, but they did ask two friends to read a couple pieces they had each picked out.  This couple was so excited to be doing a ceremony their way, rather than how parents or family members might prefer, and their love was truly infectious.  I actually got teary eyed when the mother handed the bride to the groom — who knew you could get emotional about people you had just met?!  The most unique feature about this couple: the groom took the bride’s name!  You don’t see that happen too often 🙂

This month, Brooke has a ceremony on the beach near Malibu, and I have ceremonies in Riverside and Manhattan Beach.  All of these couples have been an absolute pleasure to work with in crafting their ceremonies, and we can’t wait to be a part of their special day!

Ruffled® | Wedding Songs Planner iPhone App

We’re enthused to share this easy and user-friendly resource for choosing and compiling your wedding music from our sponsor Wedding Songs Planner! Wedding Songs Planner created a hassle-free way to curate your wedding playlist with their simple iPhone app.


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Things We Love: Decorating With Lanterns {Part II} | WeddingWire: The Blog

Lanterns can add a lot to your decor and wedding style. They can be incorporated into any theme, and at any time of year. As Summer leaves us and we begin to think about Fall and Winter, lanterns are great for the shorter days as they can provide romantic lighting to all different parts of your wedding day. Below are five ideas, but truly the possibilities are endless!

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Ruffled® | Vintage Scandinavian Wedding by 2 Brides Photo

Sweet Scandinavian Wedding

Isabelle & Emmi-Sabina of 2 Brides sent over the sweetest Scandinavian wedding. Love their little getaway “carriage”! See may more beautiful images from this wedding in the gallery.

via Ruffled® | Vintage Scandinavian Wedding by 2 Brides Photo.

Click on the link and check out the pictures, super cute!  I love the little carriage idea. -Alex