Ceremony Ideas

My husband and I were pretty adamant about wanting to do something during our ceremony that wasn’t a sand ceremony or candle ceremony.  I really wanted to do something that we could keep and cherish for years to come.  Somehow, we decided to incorporate Jeff’s artistic talents with our desire to have a commemorative “something” that all of our guests could be a part of (granted, there wasn’t much artistic-ness to what we did, but his passion for art is what spurred the idea).

So we decided on something that allowed us to give our mother’s a special part in our ceremony, something Jeff and I could “make,” while still being something that our guests could add their own memories to it.

First, we bought a canvass board and outlined a heart on it.  Before the ceremony, we put red and black tubes of paint in two separate bowls, with two brushes in each.

Then we had our mom’s come up and outline each side of the heart in black:

Then Jeff and I filled in the heart with red paint:

The final touch was added by all of our guests throughout the rest of the evening:


It turned out pretty awesome, although it’s been two years already and we still haven’t gotten it framed!  Someday…


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