A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I love veranda’s and plantation style homesOutdoor chandeliers, yes please.

Stunning Winter wedding

Vintage photo wall

Photo Booth Save-the-Dates

A wedding with a view

Love the yellow door!

Great “first sight” idea, and great pictures!

Pillows on haystacks 🙂

Are you a coffee lover?

Love the men’s attire and all the little details

Rustic wedding with personalized beer glasses

Trees, lanterns, and mason jars!

Who doesn’t want llamas at their wedding venue?!

Barns and converse

A nice vintage-ey DIY project

Love this color combo!

Yellow, lace, winnebago, suspenders, and DIY details

Pie pops, yum 🙂

Beautiful entrance

Great photo ideas

Ice-cream bar

Baby’s breath bouquets are in!

DIY chalkboard idea

Together, we can climb walls!

So many cute things going on here!

Central park elopement, it’s the simple things in life ❤

Ceremony under a tree

Who says you have to “walk” down the aisle?!


Adventures in Wedding Planning: Sparklers for your wedding

Sparklers for your wedding

New Years was a week or so ago, but don’t put away those sparklers just yet!

There is a use for them besides just celebrating the arrival of the new year! Incorporating sparklers into weddings is something we just love!

And they make for some seriously fun pictures!

via Adventures in Wedding Planning: Sparklers for your wedding.

Help us pick a logo!

I’m not sure why I posted this originally on my personal blog rather than here, but alas, it’s done.  And rather than having two separate comment sections going (if I can be so lucky), I would ask that you please click here and vote for your favorite logo!

A massive shout out to my friend Rama who designed each of these.  She’s pretty amazing.

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

More of my favorite links from the wedding blogospheres…

I’m in love with sparkler pictures

Travel theme wedding

Have I mentioned before that I love Fall?

Taking farmers markets to a whole new level!

And if you’re REALLY into Halloween

Jumping pictures and pictures in front of haystacks never disappoint!

Absolutely beautiful.

Think ahead: Thank You Cards


Hayrides, cool trucks, and barns!

Boots, m’ladies?

LOVE the “Mr. & Mrs.” shot!

Got any other favorite wedding links?

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together!

Last month I had the pleasure of performing an intimate wedding in Manhattan Beach, with all guests barefoot in the sand!  For the commemorative part of their ceremony, Martin and Brooke put together a puzzle made from a picture of themselves.  Before the ceremony, Martin and Brooke began putting part of the puzzle together by gluing individual pieces over a piece of glass.  During the ceremony, they had each of their mothers come up and add a piece to the puzzle.  It was a nice way to include two very important people in their lives, and also a way of showing their two families becoming one through their marriage.

Throughout the reception, guests were invited to add their own piece to complete the puzzle.

A guest makes sure his puzzle piece fits juuuuuust right
Martin and Brooke with their [almost] completed puzzle

Like this idea?  You can learn more about puzzle-pictures by checking out the website that Brooke and Martin used by clicking here.

Another cool thing about their ceremony was that they were able to share it with Martin’s family and friends who were thousands of miles away, in Hamburg, Germany.  One of their guests used his iPhone to take a video of the ceremony and reception, and through some form of magic (which I’m not sure of), their guests were able to log in to a website and watch the whole thing from their computers.

Gotta love technology!

Thanks to Martin & Brooke for letting the Merry Ministers be a part of their special day!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I’ve been bookmarking cool things I’ve seen on the internet for a while, but it would take forever to share them individually with all of you, so instead, I’m just going to dump them all on one blog post 🙂  Hopefully this will become a regular occurrence, with what I find to be the best or most interesting wedding stuff in the blogosphere (obviously, this is subjective, but if you find something YOU like, please feel free to share as well!).

Very cool cookie table

Cakes, teacups & boots!

Sweet grand-double-door aisle entrance!

Cool DIY streamer background for photo ops

Postcards and suitcases

Everyone should have a little moustache action at their wedding!

You think you fancy?

Simple, but awesome bouquet wraps

Super cute invites, plus face painting and picnic blankets!

Beautiful picturesDo you have any favorite ideas, pictures, wedding blogs?  Feel free to share!








Table Assignments: Getting Creative!

Our good friends Erika and Julian got married last year, and had so many beautiful little details!  Here’s my favorite: They got married in a little plaza from an old hotel in downtown Fullerton, so they decided to have keys for each guest.  Get it?  Like a key to a room in the hotel!  Everything was handmade, minus the keys, obviously.  From what Erika told me, they spent a lot of time and effort in making the box look as beautiful as it does.

They bought the keys at random antique stores, and I was lucky enough to be able to pick my own…which I still have.

The actual tags where made by bending them up a bit, letting them soak in the sun with black tea, and then using an old school typewriter to type the name and table designation.

Since both the bride and groom are from the same area in Argentina, they used street names from that area as their table names.  I love the idea of using something other than numbers for the table designation.  It can be a little tricky and difficult to figure out that special something that you can find 10-15  variations of to name each table after…and still be within a certain “theme,” but your guests will really enjoy the uniqueness of it 🙂